He's Got The Whole World In His Hands - Devotional

Posted by Craig Borlase on 16 April 2018

Devotional THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS - Doubt Devotional

There are days when we know for sure that we are able to trust God. From the little things to the big, we can exhale and know that because He truly is in control, we don’t need to try and wrestle with Him at all. We can pause all that struggling and stressing, safe in the knowledge that we have absolutely zero need to doubt God.

Trouble is, those days are a lot rarer than we’d like.


Most of the time, even if we’re not actively doubting God’s existence, we’re passively doubting Him with our actions. When God fails to act as we think He should, we try to take control.

And when we’re in a mood like that, verses like this can cause us masses of frustration:

Then the LORD said, "Shall I hide from Abraham what I am about to do?”’

[Genesis 18:17]

Thought2 Thought:

4,000 years ago God sent three visitors to tell Abraham that his ageing wife Sarah would conceive. With the guests about to leave, the scene shifts direction. God considers the depravity of the nearby city of Sodom and wonders - out loud - about destroying it. Abraham doesn’t like the idea. So does something outrageous. He bargains with the Almighty. What’s even more outrageous is that it seems to work - he gets God to agree that if 50 good people can be found, the city would be spared. Then Abraham says, “What about 45?” God agrees. 40? OK. 30? Yes. 20? Fine. 10? Go on then.

What happens next? The angels visit the city, where the citizens try to rape them. Only four decent, righteous people are found. The city gets destroyed, just as God suggested it would be even before Abraham started the negotiations.

Why? Why did God let Abraham be part of a consultation on the matter? As the omnipresent Creator, the all-seeing, Almighty one, surely God knew that Abraham’s figure of 10 was too high and that the city would end up trashed anyway. Why go through the motions? What kind of cruel deity lets a follower get their hopes up only to see them crushed completely?

Look back at the verse at the top of this. God’s interaction with Abraham is not about hiding His plans. It’s about revealing them, in all their mysterious depth.

You see, God wanted Abraham to ask, to get involved, to care about the state of his fellow man. He wanted Abraham to get in His face. Why? Because that is precisely how we’ve been made. We’re not here to soak up the blessing and ignore the responsibilities; we’re not here to be bitter and judgemental.

We’re here to offer an accompaniment to God’s divine justice: human justice. We’re supposed to get involved, to challenge, to care, to feel, to ask questions and to rage against the machine of a world plagued by the marks of the fall

Invitation Invitation:

Does God hide from us what He is about to do? Yes. Should that pour a bucket of petrol on the flames of doubt? No!

God reveals to us precisely the right amount of information to invite us into the space He would have us. Sometimes that means us getting rile and frustrated, sometimes upset or sad. Sometimes the tools He uses will be things we consider successes. Sometimes the lessons will be soaked in pain. God can - and does - use them all.

He’s got the whole world in His hands.

Praying Prayer:

Father God, there are times when doubt seems to easy and trust seems so hard. Help me know when and how to back up the words of my faith with thoughts and actions.


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