Posted by Duncan Reid on 30 October 2017

We ❤️ Mission Worship 

When it comes to worship conferences, we’re biased. We love so many of them, but there’s one that’s more special to us than all the others. If we could only go to one each year, it’d be Mission Worship. Which is why we're gone out and got WeAreWorship readers an exclusive discount (read further to find out more).

How many other conferences like this would see six people fly in from Thailand for just four days so that they could attend? Looking at the feedback from last year’s event, they’re not the only ones who live it…

“Great teaching, enjoyable worship,” wrote one delegate. “I felt encouraged and lifted up in my role as worship leader.”

“Mission Worship is well organised and diverse in the musical genres,” wrote another. “The speakers are knowledgeable, humble, father figures. It’s a brilliant conference.”

And here’s one of our favourites:There’s nothing like it in the UK.”

Mission Worship has been going for twenty years, and every time that the doors open for the first session on the chilly November evening, it feels like family.


There are a few possible answers. Like the fact that no one denomination takes charge, and it remains one of the most diverse collections of churchgoers you’ll find in the UK. It’s all one beautiful mash of races and backgrounds, where urban and rural, Pentecostal and traditional all mixed together.

Then there’s the evidence way that Mission Worship has challenged some of traditional hierarchies of worship. Forget about kids worship being relegated to the sidelines or ‘worship and justice’ getting paired up in name more than in reality. Mission Worship tears up the script.

Then there’s the whole celebrity worship leader thing. It doesn’t happen at Mission Worship. Instead it’s full of people – some you’ll know, some you won’t – giving up their time to learn how they can better serve their church family.

Like any family, the past is full of stories. Even though it has yet to move from Eastbourne’s Devonshire Park Complex, Mission Worship has been through a lot in its two decades. It was known by a different name at the start – Worship Together – but the vision was just as clear as it is today; not to promote one single style of worship, but to offer an experience that would help people of various backgrounds and church streams engage.

A lot of that vision came from one man, John Paculabo, Kingsway Trust Trustee and Head of Kingsway Music. He wanted to see worship flourish, to truly reflect the Church worldwide and to make a tangible impact on communities.

Having gone through two name changes and seen the birth and rise of the era of worship that embraces high production values, it faced perhaps its biggest challenge in 2013, when John died. Could it build on his legacy? Could it stay true to his vision and still thrive?

Mission Worship works because even though it has grown, it hasn’t changed its core value of providing an essential resource for those worship leaders working at the coal face. It has kept seminars practical and pragmatic, with subjects ranging from PA techniques and instrument workshops to worship within urban communities and guidance on how to integrate new approaches into old church routines.

Yeah, there are the established favourites – like Matt Redman, Stuart Townend, Graham Kendrick, Chris McClarney, Aaron Keyes, Lou Fellingham and Darlene Zschech – as well as new worship leaders that many will not have heard of before. But there are no spectators. There is only family. You, us and a bunch of jet-lagged guys from Thailand who are absolutely loving every minute of it.

If you want to come along, and you fancy at 20% discount then simply enter our code WAW20 when booking - click here to secure your place.

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