Summer Events Guide 2018

Posted by Craig Borlase on 6 July 2018

Church WeAreWorship Summer Events Guide


There’s a lot happening in the world of worship this summer. Make sure you don’t miss out.

July 14 - 20 Keswick Convention (Week 1), Keswick

The movement has been going for over 149 years, and the Bible Week kicks off the summer with the first of its three weeks. Expect solid teaching and plenty of church leaders.

July 21 Festival Of Life, Cardiff

Muyiwa will be leading worship at the one day conference in Cardiff. Expect big crowds at the Motorpoint Arena.


July 21 - 25 Soul Survivor Scotland, Kinross

It’s the beginning of the penultimate year for Soul Survivor. Expect the unexpected.


July 21 - 27 Keswick Convention (Week 2), Keswick

Stuart Townend leads worship at the second Keswick event this summer. Expect a beautiful collision of word and Spirit.


July 24 - 28 Word of Life European Conference, Uppsala, Sweden

The family conference will attract anything up to 10,000 worshippers this summer. Expect plenty of evidence that God’s moving powerfully all over Europe.


July 25 - 27 Hillsong Conference, London

The O2 arena is home to this year’s conference. Expect great production, tons of passion and to be sent home with a massive Spiritual swag bag.


July 26 -  31 HTB Focus, Hampshire

For those descending upon the Somerly Estate, Ringwood, this year’s Focus will serve up a treat in the worship department: Bright City and Worship Central are leading. Expect some old rule books to be ripped up.

July 28 - August 2 Naturally Supernatural, Stafford Showground

Soul Survivor’s conference is dedicated to encouraging the whole church - whatever age - to learn how to rely more heavily on the Holy Spirit. Expect even more of the unexpected.

July 28 - August 3 New Wine (Week 1), Bath & West Showground

Jo Saxton, Robby Dawkins and Pete Greig are among the speakers for this week. Expect excellent kids work, some solid teaching and plenty more besides.

July 28 - August 3 Keswick Convention (Week 3)

The last of this year’s main events at Keswick. Expect some great things from the worship leaders Alanna Glover and Philip Percival (Emu Music).

July 30 - August 4 Newday, Norfolk Showground

Join with thousands of other teenagers and early 20somethings to learn about and worship God, camp out together and soak in the summer festival feeling. Expect to leave knowing Jesus better.


August 4 - 8 Soul Survivor A, Stafford Showground

Soul Survivor returns with what they’ve been doing for years: great worship, ministry and teaching. Expect plenty of jumping, fancy dress and space for God to get to work.


August 4 -10 Creationfest, Royal Cornwall Showground

The week-long music festival is full of faith talks, family fun, skate and more. And it’s free! Expect to just turn up and see what God’s got in store for you.


August 5 - 11 New Wine (Week 2) Bath & West Showground

Jo Saxton, Robby Dawkins and Pete Greig are among the speakers for this week. Expect excellent kids work, some solid teaching and plenty more besides.

August 6 -11 Limitless, Three Counties Showground, Malvern

Elim Church’s annual event for young people returns. Expect to be encouraged to go against the flow.

August 9 - 12 Frizon, Orebro, Sweden

3000 young people will show for the festival. Expect to see the team from HTB leading worship.

August 10 - 12 Openskies Festival, Shanes Castle, Antrim

Churches in Northern Ireland know how to put on a good festival, and with Housefires, Jason Upton and Martin Smith on the bill, you can expect this one to be nothing short of awesome.

August 16 - 19 Heaven Stage Festival, Switzerland

The music festival has bands from across Europe and the US appearing. Expect to crowd surf.

August 17 - 19 Openskies Festival, Holland

With a similar lineup to the N Ireland event, you can expect this one to be every bit as good.

August 18 - 22 Soul Survivor B, Peterborough Showground

Mike Pilavachi, Tom Smith and Beth and Andy Croft return to Peterborough. Expect to be worshipping alongside thousands of others.

August 24 - 27 David' s Tent, Wiston House, West Sussex

The event hosts Jason Upton, Bethel’s Steffany Gretzinger and many more - including Graham Kendrick. Expect to sing yourself silent.

August 24 - 27 Greenbelt, Boughton House, Northamptonshire

Where else can you expect a lineup featuring Pussy Riot, Michael Eavis and Taize? Expect to meet new friends and have your eyes opened.

August 24 - 28 Soul Survivor C, Peterborough Showground

This time next year it’ll all be over. Soul Survivor’s final week of 2018 will be just like all the others: a space where you can expect to encounter God.

August 24 - 28 ONE Event, Lincolnshire Showground

Spend the bank holiday weekend discovering more about your sense of purpose. Expect the whole family to get something out of it.

September 8 - 9 Jesus Surf Classic, Croyde Bay, North Devon

Join with a ton of other surfers to compete in this most relaxed of surf competitions. Expect to need your wetsuit.

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