Posted by Matt Richley on 23 April 2015

I’m a full time Traffic Cop. And I’m a husband and father of three children. I’m a Worship Leader. And I write songs. And I’ve just recorded and released my first EP.

If you add up all the things that happen to me each week, there aren’t enough hours in the day. But somehow there are. Between having a wonderful wife, a supportive employer and God’s extraordinary grace and kindness, somehow it all seems to work out just fine.

Maybe from the outside all this time juggling looks a bit hectic, but I can honestly say that even when I have to go from a Saturday night shift straight into leading church on Sunday morning, it just works.

I love my job just as much as I feel called to music and songwriting.  As long as God gives me breath in my lungs and hands to play guitar and piano I will continue to love writing, giving the church songs to sing. What happens in my work only makes that passion stronger.

Most people I deal with have had something terrible happen to them or they’ve done something wrong, so I spend a lot of time with distraught, scared, overwhelmed people.  This means that when I get up on Sunday I’m aware of the fact that there’s a range of people in the room. Some will have had great weeks, some will have had messy ones.

This all helps me not to get too carried away with the idea of doing my own thing in corporate worship. I know that I’m there to serve people and help them to see Christ.

Being busy helps me to be more sensitive to people who are giving up their free time to help with the worship. I get what it is to have a life that is full, I understand what it is to feel as though your time is stretched thin, and I think that makes me more sensitive to others.

Because of my job I have so many moments when I know that God is meeting me as I work, bringing his comfort, his grace. Leading worship and writing songs brings in a whole other range of experiences and encounters with God. I know that I’m blessed by having all these experiences in my life.

All of this has helped me as I lead worship with Sound Of Wales; a collective that I’ve been with since 2013.  We want to hear the sound of praise of God come out of Wales, and everything we do is all about using music to take the gospel forward. We’re trying to help and equip local churches as well as serve local areas by creating community choirs and providing music workshops. 

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