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WeAreWorship is a global resource built for worship leaders by worship leaders.

  •     When you need a song, we’ll help you find it.
  •     Now that you’ve found it, we’ll help you learn it.    
  •     Once you’ve learned it, we’ll help you lead it.  

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Finding the perfect song for a certain moment or service can be quite a challenge.  Even if you know which song it is that you're after a quick search on the internet can show you a million results. If you have the time, you can sift through all of the noise to find the right chord chart or sheet music, only to find it in the wrong key. Things get even harder if you're looking for something brand new, fresh out of the box. 

At WeAreWorship we know how hard picking the perfect song list for you community can be. As worship leaders ourselves we've been there too, which is why we started this site. We knew that there needed to be a better way. A way to find and discover songs old and new, in the format and key we needed, in one convenient space. Over the last 5 years we've worked to develop the technology and assets to do just that, and we're dedicated to serving you, worship leaders all around the world, to make your lives easier, and lift Jesus' praises higher!

On site you'll find

  • Extensive searchable song library - over 2,000 fully licensed songs, old and new from Integrity Music, Capitol, Hillsong, Bethel Music and more. We are adding new songs every week, but we're confident that we've got the songs that you need.
  • Free Songs every week - We've got 4 free songs for you on site at any one time. Click through form the Homepage and get download the audio. Not only that, but you get the try out our exclusive multikey functionality absolutely free - that way you get to see just how good it is
  • Curated Song Lists - Looking for the right songs for big church festivals like Christmas, Easter... Third Sunday after Pentecost? We've got your back. Need the right song for that special celebration like a wedding or baptism? We've got it covered. Want a list of songs that are all around a central theme like Faith or Struggle? Then we're here for you! Our team of expert song pickers have been combing the library to bring you loads of preprepared, purpose built song lists, and we're adding to them every week!

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Ok, so you’ve got the song.  Now to get the music, and learn to play it! Our song pages are the place to head to - they come crammed with everything you need to get started, spend some time working through the changes, and getting familiar with the little things you think no one will notice. On a song page you will find

  • Format - as standard you will find the original key Chord Chart, so you can start playing straight away. Along side that you'll find Nashville Numbers, Numerals, Sheet Music, and some songs come equipped with Lead Sheets and PVGs.
  • Multikey - You can purchase access to our multikey functionality on any format that has it available, but if you have taken out a subscription then you have access to all the multikey assets, for every song on site. This was you can experiment to find the perfect key for your community.
  • Videos - We've scoured YouTube to find the best resources out there, so you don't have to. We carry tutorials, acoustic versions, live worship, lyric videos, many of which are exclusive to WeAreWorship - everything you need to make sure that you've got that lick down pat come Sunday!
  • Arrangements - If there is an alternate arrangement out there then there is a good chance that we've already got that on site too, just click on the Arrangements dropdown to see what other versions we have. 
  • Translations - At WeAreWorship we want to give songs the best chance to travel, so if you want to find the song translated into your native tongue then click on the Language dropdown to see if we have it. If you have your own translation then you can submit it. Once we've checked it we may then publish it to benefit our global community.

For the best experience we recommend taking up our subscription - all the assets on site, at one low cost. 


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It’s go time.  Leading worship isn't easy, we know that, so we've worked hard to develop a site that helps you at every stage, bringing everything you need into one useful space. When you take a step out in front of your people to lead your community, we want to empower you to be the best you can be in that moment, so that you can lead others in worship to Jesus. The final piece of the puzzle, now that you've found the songs you want, and leaned to play them, is the technology that you need to lead. We're here for you in this too, all on site. No need to download extra apps, or convert PDFs, or export songs. 

  • Setlists - the first stop is out setlist function. Add a song to a setlist from the song page, and hit the setlist button in the top navigation bar to manage your existing lists.
  • Lead Mode - once you have your setlist perfected then hit Lead Mode, and dive into the music - with nothing to distract you. Select the set list you want, and away you go. Any device, any time, all in one place. Easy.

We're developing the platform all the time to help make every aspect of leading worship enjoyable, efficient and convenient. 

Our Lead functionality is exclusively available to our subscribers, but don't worry we've worked hard to keep the costs down, with so much included we know that you'll find it value for money. Subscribers get the benefit of:-

  • Weekly resource emails
  • Unlimited access to multikey assets
  • PDF downloads
  • Setlisting
  • Lead Mode


WeAreWorship is committed to you, the worship leader in any context and situation you face.  We are committed to making sure we’ve done everything we can to help you do what you do.  

But Sunday isn’t the whole story.  We believe you were made for more than just Sundays.  We’re committed to your health and growth as a leader and Christ follower.  Check out our blog for regular articles on every aspect of our craft.


We want using WeAreWorship to be an easy and enjoyable experience. Occasionally you might find there's something you are not quite sure how to do or a problem that you come across. If that happens, the following resources should help you find the answers to any questions you might have and give you advice on how to resolve any problems:


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