The Search for a Song - Statement

A week after the close of voting, we are delighted to have announced the winner of our Search For A Song competition - the excellent 'You Are There' by Giles Blakenship and Lars Gordon.

The contest was a massive success, with over 1.2 million votes cast for 280 songs. We were all stunned by the quality of the songs submitted.

With so much interest generated, it’s not surprising that the contest was closely watched right up to the very end, and in recent days we have been asked to clarify the process by which the final votes were counted and the shortlist prepared.

Throughout the whole month that we ran the competition, we kept a constant check on the patterns of votes. Along with Facebook, we monitored any and all large increases, and were determined that all votes registered would be genuine. As the competition entered its final moments, we were notified of some discrepancies among one of the entries towards the top of the table, altering the structure of the top five entries.

We wanted to be absolutely certain that the final vote numbers were genuine and accurate, and so waited for a number of days to ensure Facebook had provided us with full and final voting data.

We are happy that the top five songs submitted to the judges all had the potential to be genuine, deserving winners.

We are grateful to every person who submitted a song, and to the friends, families and churches who got behind them. Our prayer is that this competition will allow many songs that have been formed in local churches to make an impact on the lives of Christians around the globe.

Les Moir
A&R Director Integrity Music Europe

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