New Wine Worship Live Spirit Fall Album Song Charts & Bonus Songs

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1. Light Of Your Love
2. Hope Is On The Horizon
3. This Is Our Song
4. Unchanging Love
5. Spirit Fall
6. On This Battleground
7. All You Are
8. My Jesus
9. This Is My Surrender
10. Strong God
11. O The Blood
12. The Father's Love
13. Forever


1. We Believe
2. Jesus' Blood
3. Spirit Break Out
4. Great Is Your Faithfulness
5. Say the Word
6. Today Is The Day
7. Magnificent Kindness
8. Hymn Of The Ages
9. Falling Into You
10. Pouring Love




This collection includes...

Spirit Fall
New Wine Worship


This Is My Surrender
LIFE Worship


Hope Is On The Horizon
New Wine Worship


My Jesus
New Wine Worship


Unchanging Love
New Wine Worship


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