Blessed Rain

      Story Behind The Song

On new years day 1995, my best friend Simon and I staggered into the St Albans Vineyard without really knowing to much about it. We believed in Jesus and God, we wanted to change the world, but church? Us? 
The thing that captured our hearts and kept us coming back, as well as the people, was the worship music. The way that it seemed possible to really encounter God by His Spirit, this was radical stuff, this was something amazing that the world needed, this was the answer, this was the solution.
One night whilst in a small youth group meeting we were singing a song by Kevin Prosch called "come let us return". There is a line that goes "He will come to us like rain."  We sung it over and over again - God's presence was so strong in the room. As I stretched out my hands, I had an overwhelming sensation of rain falling on me - I could feel that God was healing my heart.

5 years ago I felt that God was inviting me and my wife to move to Luton.  Veronica had been doing some outreach work amongst the students and we both felt drawn to be here. But far from us being the cavalry charging in and changing the place we have at times felt very ineffective and weak when faced with the need that there is around us, it has at times been a tough place to be.

It's in that context that one day whilst hanging out with my 10 month old son in Luton town centre I began to write Blessed Rain. After about 15 years of being a Christian I am becoming more and more aware of my need for God's love to fill my heart, to heal me, to set me right.  As I looked around the shopping centre I was noticing the crowds of people busily going here and there, I got the strong urge to pray to cry out for God's blessing on the town.  I must admit I was getting some pretty strange looks, since becoming a dad I tend to get very emotional, but you got to do what you got to do, right?

I wasn't sure if using the line "cursed land" was too strong, I certainly hadn't heard it in a worship song before, but it definitely evokes the desperation that I was sensing, and it's biblical after all.

During the recording of this song my producer Julian Kindred and I were creating a multi layered, almost symphonic sound using many different guitar sounds and parts, it was starting to sound really beautiful, Julian turned to me and said " If Luton could hear this now!" Maybe they will...
Marc James


For Your healing rain
This thirsty soul longs for You again
I'm crying out for the Father’s grace
I thirst for You
I long for Your embrace

Blessed rain, blessed rain
From the highest highs
To the lowest place
Blessed rain, blessed rain
This wounded heart is crying out
For the blessing

I'm crying out
For this orphaned land
For the wounded souls
That search for love in vain
My heart is crying out
For the Father’s love
To flood these streets
With blessing from above

Blessed rain, blessed rain
From the highest highs
To the lowest place
Blessed rain, blessed rain
This cursed land is crying out
For the blessed rain

We are crying out to You
We are crying out to You
We are crying out for You
There is crying out to You

Marc  James
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