Abide With Me - Song Devotional

Abide With Me - Song Devotional

Matt Redman

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It was a joy to write this with three of my friends - Matt Maher, Jason Ingram and David Crowder. I’ve known David for so long but this was the first time we got to write together.

The song’s all about standing secure on the truth that God will never let us go. It’s about knowing that we never journey alone, even though some of the things we face might push us to our limits.

We all have times when it can be tempting to feel like we’re stranded, isolated and alone, but God is holding us. All the time, He is holding us.

When life is tough, I think it’s really good to sing the truth about the situations we are in, and to sing those truths to God. When we utter these words from deep within us, we’re not only offering up our praise to God, but we’re also preaching to ourselves.

To me, verse two is the key to the song. It talks about Gethsemane and how powerful it is to see that God is not alienated form struggle. He came down, became flesh, became one of us and walked the earth before we did. He trod the path of suffering and struggle and He knows what anguish feels like.  And in that intense moment with the shadow of the cross over him, Jesus felt alone.

He did it for us because God is for us.

It’s such a simple but profound truth and for some of us it can be the key that unlocks hope within our hearts.

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