Dance Again

Dance Again is the story at the heart of the album that people are talking about. For it is when people hear how Dance Again came into existence that the bigger picture comes into focus. 

The story belongs to Amanda Varty, a member of LIFE church. For nine years she was practically bedridden with ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis). Most days she couldn't walk, and in time she lost her job. It looked like her house was going to be lost as well, when, desperate beyond words, Amanda and her husband went to church in hope of a miracle. She felt strength for the first time in years, and was able to sit upright and hold up her hands in worship - hands that at home had been unable to lift a fork. Yet when she left the church, the weakness returned. For eight months the situation remained the same; she felt weak at home but better at church. And then, eventually, the miracle was complete; Amanda was prayed for and got out of her wheelchair. And that's when she did the one thing that she had dreamed of doing all those years; she danced again, before God.

Amanda's testimony had a profound effect on the church, and as an album Dance Again resonates with the sense of the congregation being led into a deeper connection with God.


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