Here I Am To Worship - Song Devotional

Here. For some of us it’s a tricky place to be. In the future there’s a better version of ourselves. More money. More power. Less of the stuff that weighs us down today. Living in the present, resting in the here and now, accepting what we’ve got and where we are… it can all seem so dull in comparison to the version of our lives that we dream up.

Yet here is where we are. Here is where God can use us right now. Here is where we are called to worship.

And that leads us on to a whole other set of questions. Why do we worship? What's the point of all this singing and living for Him? What's in it for us?

The truth is that we don’t have an off switch for worship. We’re made to do it. Devoting ourselves to something – whether that be serving God or building our own reputation as someone with status – is as innate as breathing.

We were made to worship, but not just anyone. We were made to live in relationship with our Maker. And when we choose not to, our worship goes astray and we get lost.

God knows this full well, of course. That’s why He fills the world with things that incite us to pause and pray, to exhale the words ‘thank you, God’. We see it in nature, in people, in the myriad blessings that cross our path each day.

All we have to do is look back closely enough and we’ll see the evidence of so much beauty that made this heart adore.

Out of everything and everyone we could examine, Jesus – who humbly left the glory of heaven above for our sakes [Phil 2:7] – teaches us how to worship. He calls us to come to Him [Mt 11:28-29], to follow Him [Jn 12:26], to walk in His footsteps and learn what it really means to be here and to worship.

Heavenly Father, I read of what You have done for me in Christ, yet I realise that I can’t possibly know how much it cost You to give Your only Son for us, for me [Jn 3:16]. I owe You my life twice over, as one who was both made by You and saved by You. You alone deserve the worship of my heart, and I gladly give it again now.

The worship of God can be a reality for ‘whoever believes’ [Jn 3:16]. Try this week to share openly with someone who does not believe in Jesus something of the amazing privilege of true worship, and the unique joy it brings.

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