Hope And Glory

In the summer of 1984 a million people gathered in a handful of football stadiums across the country to hear Billy Graham preach the gospel.

It seems like a whole century has passed since crowds that size wedged their way in to hear - and say ‘yes’ to - the invitation to follow Jesus.

Burt could it happen again? ‘Hope And Glory’ by Tim Hughes is a song that says ‘yes’ too. “We want to see a great move of God,” says Tim. “We want to see Him moving again like He did back then.”

It’s a big dream, but a little song. A wild hope, but a simple prayer.

“We can often feel overwhelmed these days. We can be aware of so much darkness around us, but with God’s power we’re not lost, but found. So I’m giving it all to see what God does through a few people, with a little faith.”

And that’s the key, isn’t it? So much of the Christian life is about learning what part is ours to play in the work of God.

God is always the originator, always the driving force and the ultimate destination at the heart of any of these incredible events. What’s amazing is that He chooses to invite everyday sinners to join in the adventure too. In Billy Graham and the hundreds of local churches He found willing servants, ready to play their part, ready to embrace a little risk for the sake of the Gospel.

Could it happen again?

Maybe it’s more of a question for us than for God.

Because maybe if we’re up for it, if our appetite for faith and risk is strong enough, and if we’re ready to offer the best that we have for the sake of breaking down the barriers that have kept people out of church, then maybe those crowds aren’t such a pipe dream after all.

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