I Surrender - Song Story

I Surrender - Song Story

All Sons and Daughters

All Sons and Daughters th

Named Francesco, perhaps for his mother’s birthplace of France, Francis of Assisi was known as a trouble maker before he was known as a peace maker. The son of a prosperous silk merchant, Francis had the same wealth and notoriety as the knights and noblemen around town. His radical transformation came over time as he had multiple encounters with God during which Francis heard God ask him to “rebuild his church.” Against his father’s wishes, Francis gave most of his money to a local church and over time, he surrendered all of his belongings and wealth to embrace “Lady Poverty.” Francis is the father of the movement of Catholic Franciscans who devote their lives to God by caring for all creatures.

I Surrender is written as a response to the life that Francis was willing to relinquish in order to embrace God’s calling.

The riches of this world will fade; the treasures of our God remain. Here I empty myself to owe this world nothing and find everything in You.


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