King Of My Soul - Song Devotional

Will Weeks, George Mhondera, Jonas Myrin and I have got years of friendship behind us. It shapes the songwriting process and I firmly believe that it shows up in these songs.

We were in Atlanta, and Will and George kickstarted the process by bringing a rhythm track and a song template that was fresh and joyful. As soon as we all got into the room together, ‘King Of My Soul’ emerged.

My favourite lyric in the song is ‘this will be a joyful surrender’. I love that the act of laying down our lives is a joyful thing. Bowing down to no other throne, living for no other name, they’re joyful things. Even though to some people the idea of surrendering might seem negative, when you consider the freedom from Jesus Christ offers those who follow him, how can it be anything but joyful?

It reminds me of Spurgeon when he wrote about ‘affection mingled with authority… obedience demanded which is most cheerfully rendered.’

Even laying down our lives can have a sense of gladness, cheerfulness and joy about it. After all, God doesn’t just love a generous giver: He loves a joyful worshipper too.

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