Majesty Of The Most High - Song Devotional

Majesty Of The Most High - Song Devotional

Matt Redman

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It was a beautiful moment when Chris Tomlin, Jonas Myrin and I gathered around the piano late one night at my home in England. I’d had this phrase in my songwriting journal for a while - Majesty of Most High - and I thought it had a lovely ring to it.

But there was more to it than a nice sounding phrase. Reverence is missing from society these days and I think that we could do with more of it in the songs we sing in church. It’s essential that we never lose the sense of the grandeur and the glory of the One we’re worshipping.

I love the melodic form of this chorus and really enjoy singing it.. It’s a little dif-ferent from how we might sometimes write - there’s a lot of flow and change in the melody, without feeling random, which I really like about this song.

To me the bridge is a lovely extension of the theme: if He’s so glorious and ma-jestic and shines like He does, then those who see Him are going to reflect that and have their lives changed by His radiance. The lyric here comes straight out of Psalm 34:5. ‘Those who look to Him for help will be radiant with joy, no shadow of shame will darken their faces.’ (NLT)

I love how the song has a sense of drawing near to God, but at the same time recognizing that He is as holy as He’s every been - the majestic, Most High God.

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