Psalm 62

Psalm 62

Aaron Keyes

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In 2006 Aaron began a relationship with Kingsway Music, and in early 2007 Aaron spent a week at Abbey Road with producer John Hartley meeting and writing with some of praise and worships finest songwriters.

Stuart Townend, writer of 'In Christ Alone' and 'How Deep the Father's Love for Us' joined Aaron to write a hymn version of Psalm 62, and Paul Oakley ('Jesus, Lover of my Soul') collaborated to write 'Be Like Jesus'. The beautifully didactic 'Blessing and Honor' is a joint effort with Steve Hindalong ('God of Wonders'), and Gary Sadler ('Ancient of Days') co-wrote 'I Am Yours'. Dutch worship leader Kees Kraayenord helped write the tender song of surrender 'Help Me Lord' and Aarons 'Where Are You Now' is a rare glimpse into worship through lament.

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