Beth Croft



Beth Croft leads worship at Soul Survivor, an international movement that equips young people to make a difference for Jesus in their generation.

Beth began leading worship at 18 and then spent a year with Worship Central in London working alongside Tim Hughes and Al Gordon. Beth has been leading worship at the Soul Survivor summer conferences for a number of years and has featured on their live albums. Her song 'Love Takes Over' was the title track on Soul Survivor's live worship CD in 2015. Her own album of worship songs for the church is called 'Rule In My Heart' and established Beth as a song writer for the church, as well as gathering great reviews. iTunes independently selected the record for inclusion on its homepage when it was released.

Beth is passionate about the local church and has helped launch equipping days at Soul Survivor to raise up young worship leaders. She is married to Andy who leads Soul Survivor UK and Soul Survivor Watford Church alongside Mike Pilavachi.

Worship Tips: Setlists

Setlists, setlists, setlists No one really tells you how to put a setlist together. If your first experience of leading worship was anything like mine, you'll have been handed a guitar - because you're "quite musical" - and been expected to...

Rule In My Heart Song Devotional

The Jewish people had waited a long time to meet their Messiah, but when they encountered Jesus many were confused. They were expecting a warrior like King David, who would come in power and would defeat all their enemies. Instead Jesus came and demonstrated what we often call an ‘upside-down’ kingdom where everything is tipped on its head.... Beth Croft shares the story behind the song Rule In My Heart.

Time For a Change

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