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Glenn Packiam es un Pastor Ejecutivo en la Iglesia New Life en Colorado Springs, Colorado, donde supervisa la formación espiritual y sirve como pastor de enseñanza para NewLifeSundayNight. Glenn es el autor de 'Lucky: How the Kingdom Comes to Unlikely People' (Suerte: Cómo el Reino llega a la gente poco probable) (David C. Cook, 2011), de segunda mano de Jesús: Trading Rumores de Dios por la fe de primera mano (David C. Cook, 2009), y la mariposa en Brasil: ¿Cómo su la vida puede hacer un mundo de diferencia (Tyndale, 2007).

Glenn fue también uno de los líderes fundadores y compositores para la Desperation Band, y ha aparecido en varios álbumes de Desperation Band y NewLifeWorship. También ha lanzado dos proyectos en solitario, Rumors and Revelations and The Kingdom Comes (Rumores y Revelaciones, y El Reino Viene), todas con Integrity Music. Créditos de composición de Glenn incluyen 'Your Name', ‘Everyone (Praises)’ y 'My Savior Lives'.

Lo que todo esto significa es que Glenn habla con mucha gente, toca un montón de música, y bebe un montón café. Y todo ello es lo que hace una vida maravillosa. Glenn, su esposa, Holly, sus dos hijas, Sofía y Norah, y su hijo, Jonas, están disfrutando de la vida a la sombra de las magníficas montañas Rocosas.


When The World Is In Chaos - Devotional

The third in our series of devotionals from Glenn Packiam, with music from Rivers & Robots. Even as we look around and see a world in chaos, be still for a moment, and you will see that God is in charge. He is Lord of all and one day, He will utter the words that make the storm to cease at last, and all shall be well. Peace will come.

Waiting For God Alone - Devotional

Does silence make you uncomfortable? When was the last time you sat down quietly and listened to what God is saying? Glenn Packiam shares the importance of giving ourselves space to hear from God in this devotional with music from Rivers & Robots.

Keep Coming Back - Devotional

In this devotional, Glenn Packiam helps us think through the importance of turning toward God as the only fountain of living water. Why? Because we have a habit of turning away from God. Read on to find out more...

He Leads Me Beside Still Waters - Devotional

Glenn Packhiam leads us in a devotional with music from Rivers and Robots new album 'Still Volume 1.

Go full screen.Sit back. Be still.

When We Are Anxious - Devotional

The second in our series of devotionals from Glenn Packiam, with music from Rivers & Robots.
Today, before you enter the rush of the day, before the cares and concerns race to overtake you, stop for a moment. Be still. Quiet your heart. Picture yourself at the feet of Jesus. And listen. His words have life.

A Special Survey for Worship Leaders

First of all, let me say how grateful I am for what you do each weekend. As someone who used to lead worship weekly and who now sits in the ‘lead pastor’ chair, I can appreciate all the thought, prayer, skill, and discernment that goes into the role. You play a vital part in shaping the faith and practice of the people of God.

The Shape of Our Worship

Christian worship is not a string of stand-alone elements. It is a story—a story that centers on Jesus, that reminds us of our need for Him. It gathers us, proclaims the Word to us, calls us to Jesus’ table where His grace abounds to us, and then sends us back into the world to bear witness to the risen Christ. The Gathering. The Word. The Table. And the Sending. This is the longest standing shape of Christian worship.

Leading for the Love of Jesus

Sundays, as my pastor is fond of repeating, come around with alarming regularity. Preachers and worship leaders alike can find the rhythm monotonous. The temptation is either to ‘just push through’ and lead, or to search for new songs, better sermon illustrations, or creative elements to keep things interesting.

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