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Born:  Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Living:  We split our time between Niagara/Toronto area in Canada and Nashville, TN but our home is in Canada!
Church:  I lead worship a Mountain Park Community Church in Niagara Falls, Ontario! 
Family:  I am married to a beautiful girl named Pam & we have two kids. A six year old son and a nine year old daughter! 
Plays:  I play acoustic guitar, some piano and dream of being a drummer, but as of yet, I'm not that great....still working at it!
Favourite lyric: 'Like a rose, trampled on the ground, you took the fall and thought of me above all.' This Paul Baloche & Lenny LeBlanc lyric from the song Above All was instrumental in my journey of coming to understand the incredible love of God.


The journey so far

“I have loved music since I was a kid,” says Greg. “When I became a Christian I couldn't believe how music was such an integral part of church life, and I loved it!” He began writing songs and trying them out on Sunday mornings, and at the same time devoted himself to learning how to lead his congregation well.

“I have an ever-increasing love for leading worship and writing, and I want to continue to grow in each area.” 

Local church has remained a vital part of Greg’s faith and work. For the last fifteen years Greg and his family have been serving in their local church. “Lately I have a renewed sense of excitement for what God is doing in our church! My wife works as a full time volunteer leading the children's ministry and I lead worship almost every Sunday. Every Saturday we go into the church as a family and make sure the kids' classrooms are all setup and ready to go. While my wife puts the finishing touches on her lesson plans, my kids and I set up the chairs. It's become a routine that is so life-giving and I love that we get to do it as a family.”   


Greg has recently finished recording his first full length worship album, which will soon be followed by a live worship recording at his church in spring 2018. “I can't wait to share these new songs with you. They are all songs that I've been leading at my church & I didn't record a single song that wasn't ‘tested' in a worship setting!”

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Quickfire Questions

My earliest memory is… Playing street hockey with my Dad and little brother on our quiet street in Canada where I grew up. 

If I wasn’t a songwriter/worship leader I’d probably be… A real estate investor!

The best sermon I ever heard was… Lately I've been so inspired by a nearly 2 hour interview/sermon with T.D Jakes & Steven Furtick. I have watched it three times this month. They focus in on living to your full potential in the Lord and not becoming distracted by what others are doing. It's an incredibly insightful and life giving sermon.

My last meal on earth? It would have to be… Peanut butter or pizza! 

The greatest sports team ever in the history of everything… Toronto Maple Leafs. (Hockey)

It was pretty embarrassing when I was leading worship one times and... I have had a barrel full of embarrassing moments as a worship leader over the years. From inadvertently singing a worship song in Italian at an event on the Mexico border of Texas while thinking I was brilliantly singing Spanish - only to leave the congregation scratching their head in confusion to smashing my head on the microphone so hard once, that I almost lost consciousness, I've been the sole cause of some seriously awkward moments in worship. But, one of the most memorable bloopers happened at Christmastime a few years ago. I was leading a "Traditional Christmas Hymn" worship night at my church and led a number of classic old Christmas songs! I was leading my congregation in "Away In A Manger" and when I got to verse two, impromptu, I decided to have just the ladies sing. So I said, in an effort to cue the woman only to sing, "Let's have only the ladies sing verse two. The cattle are lowing." Oops. I must have seen 20-30 men look around and laugh hysterically and actually heard one sweet elderly man say, "Did he just call my wife a cow?". I've never had more laughs and compassionate pats on the back in the lobby after a service as I did that night. I'll never lead Away In A Manger in that way again. :) 

My first album that I ever bought was… Pearl Jam - Ten

I wish I’d written this lyric:….. At the cross, where your love ran red & my sin washed white! 

When I search Netflix, I mainly browse the… section. Music documentaries, action movies and the more than occasional romantic comedy with my wife. 

When I listen to music, my favourite way to do is… In my truck, volume way up or at a concert! I've gone to many concerts alone 

My first mentor was… Paul Baloche 

The most recent thing I saw God do that made me praise Him was… A year ago my truck was broken into & my favourite guitar - worth over $3000! - was stolen along with some cash, my U.S work visa & a bunch of pictures of my family. My insurance company wouldn't replace it on a technicality. The police actually caught the guy who did it but tragically he died a few weeks later...he was my incredibly sad. Two weeks ago, one year (to the DAY) from when my guitar was stolen, I received in the mail a BRAND NEW new guitar of the same quality - or arguably better than - the one I lost....GIVEN to me ABSOLUTELY free! I didn't even have to pay for shipping! The crazier part is that it's just first of THREE guitars I'm being given! What!? God is amazing. The miracle provision and kindness of God makes me praise Him every day! 

The Six P's of Planning a Worship Set

When I was a little boy, and on into my teen years I really struggled in school. I found it hard to keep my attention locked on my teachers, and it was the same out of school, whether I was listening to my parents or pastors teaching. Some days I STILL struggle with keeping my attention fixed for long periods of time!

The Six P's of Planning a Worship Set

When I was a little boy, and on into my teen years I really struggled in school. I found it hard to keep my attention locked on my teachers, and it was the same out of school, whether I was...

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