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Right from an early age, French singer, songwriter, worship leader and mainstream crossover artist, Matt Marvane has found himself immersed in two cultures.

On one side has been faith. The son of a pastor, Matt grew up in church. Age twenty he travelled to England for a two year theology course, before returning home to pursue the sense of calling to lead people in worship.

Music has been the other force. At 6 he was playing the piano, at 10 he gave his first concert, at 17 he created a gospel choir and at 22 he formed the JTM Band, an act that sold over 15,000 albums across Europe and Canada.

Fusing Hammond and Rhodes, nodding to John Mayer, Stevie Wonder and James Morrison, Matt’s music has grown steadily richer across the two solo albums - 2013’s ‘Un Coin de Paradis’ (‘A Corner of Paradise’) and this year’s ‘Noirs et Blancs’ (‘Black and White’).

Matt’s 2014 single ‘Heavenly Father’ - featuring Paul Baloche - played a key role in Matt signing with Integrity Europe in March 2015, a move which will see Matt’s reputation grow far beyond the French speaking world.

Matt is getting used to breaking boundaries. Having been approached and signed by a mainstream French label, his debut album took him into an array of secular venues, onto national radio and tv.

“I never thought I was going to do music in secular world,” he says. “It was a big challenge for someone who just wrote worship songs. But I’ve been blessed to see new connections with people who are not believers, for my music to give them love, joy and hope.”

Matt just release his third solo album, ‘Resistance’. The songs are the result of efforts by Matt and his wife Sarah to encourage unity in the church throughout Europe.

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