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Living: California 
Church: associated with Passion
Family: married to Beth with five children
Plays: Guitar
Favourite lyric: ‘Hands that flung stars into space, to cruel nails surrendered.' The Servant King by Graham Kendrick


Matt Redman Songs

Having been a full time worship leader and songwriter since his teens, Matt Redman remains one of the most popular songwriters in the church today. His songs are an inspiration to worshippers around the world, and he continues to be driven by a deep desire to raise the bar on songwriting and lead people deeper into the presence of God.

Matt Redman is married to Beth and they have five children. He has led worship in venues as varied as the Angels baseball stadium, both old and new Wembley stadiums, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Royal Albert Hall and New York City’s Time Square.


Matt grew up in Chorleywood, England, where his local church (St Andrew’s) became one of the leaders in the UK’s renewal movement. With multiple church services and a commitment to encouraging other churches to open up to the Holy Spirit, the young Matt was presented with numerous opportunities to explore and develop his skill as a worship leader. 

In his twenties, Matt was instrumental in the growth of the Soul Survivor UK youth movement before becoming very involved with the Passion college movement in the USA.

Songs & awards

Matt’s earlier songs include ‘The Heart of Worship’, ‘You Never Let Go’ and ‘Blessed Be Your Name’. More recent compositions include the Grammy-nominated ‘Our God’, and the double-Grammy winning ‘10,000 Reasons’ – for which he also received a Billboard award in the USA.

Glory Song

His latest album – Glory Song – saw him return to the studio for the first time in years and was released in September 2017.

Glory Song Matt Redman Chord Chart Bundle


Matt is also the author of several books, including 10,000 Reasons, The Unquenchable Worshipper, Facedown, Blessed Be Your Name (co-authored with Beth Redman) and Indescribable (co-authored with Louie Giglio).

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