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Best known for songs like Holy Holy (Lift Up His Name), There Is A Day and Amazing God, Nathan Fellingham’s two decades as a songwriter have given him a clear and unique perspective on his craft.

“Lift Up His Name is the one that’s gone the widest, especially since Tim Hughes covered it, but it was one of my first songs - I was 17 I think - and I wrote it very quickly. However much I’ve tried to develop my skill as a writer, this song has always reminded me of the power of a song written out of honest response to a revelation of God’

These days Nathan writes predominantly with his wife, Lou - now four albums in to a healthy solo career. Yet Nathan is a long way from complacency. The lesson that he began to learn as a seven-teen year old is still very much in play.

“I want to keep looking for the opportunities to write out of the place of encounter. I have a real hunger to get decent truth into songs; the reality and truth of who we are in God and what He’s done for us. But you can feel the difference between ‘facts written down on a page’ and a song that has a heart connection’.

Having ended an almost two-decade long career as drummer with Phatfish, Nathan’s excited about what the future holds for him as a songwriter.

“I want to learn how to get better at what I do. Learning how to craft better melodies, to use music to touch the emotions, while also expanding people’s heads and hearts with the truth of who God is.”

Nathan has loved recent opportunities to write for Lou’s album ‘Fascinate’. “Lou and I had the privi-lege of working on songs with Nick Herbert, Sam Cox and Jake Isaac. We’re thrilled with the out-come, and excited for songs like ‘You are my peace’, ‘Wholly Yours' and ‘Sacrifice' to find their way into the local church”

'There Is A Day' - the story beyond the song

'It’s rarely happened to me over the years that I’ve been writing songs, but this time I really did have one of those God-gave-me-this-song moments. Just as I was sitting on my bed, reading a particular page in the book, the chorus for the song began to rise up in my heart......' Nathan Fellingham gives you the story beyond the song.

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