Noel Robinson


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Born: Willesden NW London, UK
Living: Essex, UK
Church: City Gates, Ilford, Elim Church
Family: Married to Tanya
Plays: Guitar, keyboards
Favourite lyric: When the music fades and all is stripped away


The journey so far

As a child growing up in a Black led Pentecostal church, Noel was exposed to worship from an early age. Noel’s journey next took an important step forward more than two decades ago, when, as a young musician, he was invited to tour with Bishop John Francis and Bazil Meade MBE and the London Community Gospel Choir. Later, Noel truly found his calling in worship while playing with Graham Kendrick and Ron Kenoly and reluctantly accepted the call to lead the people of God in worship. After several personal encounters with the Holy Spirit, God’s presence became Noel’s passion and worship was the vehicle.

Noel’s focus continues to be helping people to experience the presence of God in a deeper way as he heads the Kingdom Worship Movement – a gathering based on unity and encounter. “I believe these are two of the components of revival; bringing the tribes together and creating altars of worship in this generation,” says Noel


“I love telling the story of what I see God doing in song, so I’m looking to do a new album for integrity music. I’ve also got plans to write a few books as I have a lot to say and the songs don’t always capture it.”

Noel’s also keen to identify and support younger worship leaders. “I do believe that revival is happening in the body of Christ. Of all the questions that are being asked, the biggest is ‘What happens next? I want to be part of the answer.”

Quickfire Questions

My earliest memory is… Watching my Dad play guitar from my cot

If I wasn’t a songwriter/worship leader I’d probably be… a preacher

The best sermon I ever heard was… about Acts 2.

 My last meal on earth? It would have to be… something with lamb.

The greatest sports team ever in the history of everything… tied between the Brazilian Football Team and the Indian Cricket Team.

It was pretty embarrassing when I was leading worship one times and... I said ‘Let everything that hath breast praise the Lord’.

My first album that I ever bought was… Earth Wind & Fire and Santana, and one by Andrae Crouch

I wish I’d written this lyric… when the music fades and all is stripped away

When I search Netflix, I mainly browse the… section. Sci fi and Action sections

When I listen to music, my favorite way to is… in the car

My first mentor was… There were so many, but Bishop John Francis (Inspirational Choir) and Graham Kendrick come to mind as they showed me that there was more outside of the bubble of my world!

The most recent thing I saw God do that made me praise Him was… watching the unfolding story of a friend on their death bed come to health! Plus the birth of my granddaughter which reminded me how faithful He is in the small details to me and my family.

Noel Robinson Tour

Noel Robinson Outrageous Love UK Tour 2018. Details on Noel Robinson's UK tour dates | WeAreWorship

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