We are thrilled to announce that the winner of the Search for a Song contest is the song “You Are There” by Giles Blakenship and Lars Gordon.

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Giles and his family currently reside in Fayetteville, NC, where he has served since August 2003 as a worship pastor with Snyder Memorial Baptist Church. Giles is married to Kelly and is father to a young son and daughter.

The Story of ‘You Are There’ in the words of Giles Blakenship

Let me introduce you to Lars Gordon, in 2008 a high school student living just up the road from Snyder Memorial Baptist Church, a church I was serving at the time (and still am!). When I remember Lars as he was then, I think of "skateboarding," "music," and "art." Lars was learning to play the guitar at the time and would frequently stop by the church to show me the latest technique or "lick" he was discovering (and I was excited to be discovering it with him). Well, it was one of those times when he wanted to show me his newest riff on the guitar, and I met him at his home just up the road. We sat there on the brick wall in front of his house.

As Lars played that melodic hook, I told him to keep on playing it while I chorded beneath it on my guitar. I began to mumble a melody as we played which eventually coalesced into something reminiscent of the themes and text from Psalm 139, a psalm on which I had been meditating at the time. I went immediately back to my office at the church to record those ideas and, with Psalm 139 in front of me, began to let it inform the verses and chorus from there.

‘You Are There’ has been one of those songs that God has continued to use again and again to remind me and his people of His constant and abiding presence in all seasons of our journey. Joy, pain, celebration, loss: God is with us!

His Pastor writes on behalf of his church.

"We are not at all surprised that Giles’ song was selected as the top song in this year’s competition. Giles has a voice from heaven… and a heart to match it. We are so blessed by his ministry with us every week and we know other local churches will be blessed as his song is shared more widely." John Cook, Pastor, Snyder Memorial Baptist Church

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