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My Number One Ministry

Posted by Andrea Hamilton Binley on 4 February 2016

I’m someone who loves to work. And when that work serves a higher purpose I love it all the more. I’m the kind of person who has to peel herself away and force herself to take a break. But having just celebrated two years of marriage, I’ve been thinking a lot about my Number One Ministry. I’m realizing that it isn’t at my church, or on any stage. It’s in my home. If God is our number one priority, how can we give our all in ministry and yet keep our families first?

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5 Ways to Be Creative in Your Office2

5 Ways to Be Creative in Your Office

Posted by Andrea Hamilton Binley on 17 August 2015

Do you desire to be more creative during your work hours, but find they get consumed with “the tyranny of the urgent”? Here are 5 practical ways to make sure your creative gift doesn’t collect dust.

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Leading as a girl WAW

How To Respond To People Who Don’t Think You Should Be Leading (Cause You’re A Girl)

Posted by Andrea Hamilton Binley on 17 April 2015

Years ago, I was asked to lead worship at a summer camp for a small church. I felt elated to help kids experience God, and hammered out the details with their youth pastor over the phone. The next day he called back and cancelled, because the church board wanted him to go with someone else. He felt bad telling me, but I gleaned that they weren’t comfortable because having me there didn’t seem to line up with their traditional structure for leadership. Translation: a female in a key role was a no-go.

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