Posted by Travis Ryan on 27 February 2018

As we are approaching Easter, we are reminded of the sacrifice Jesus made for us. He bore our penalty and gave us everlasting life. The free song of the week "The Cross Was Meant For Me" by Travis Ryan speaks to that so clearly!

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Oh, my God, You took the tree
Bled and bore my penalty
I’m alive and I am free
The cross was meant for me

Oh, my God, You took the crown
Sacred Head now wounded brow
Your blood has made me royalty
The cross was meant for me

Man of sorrow, Lamb of peace
The wrath of God was placed on Thee
Where all grace and justice finally meet
Thank You for the cross

Oh, my God You took the fall
Paid the price to ransom all
Forgave us our iniquity
The cross was meant for me

Mercy, mercy
What love poured out of Thee
Mercy, mercy
The cross was meant for me

Thank You, God, for saving me
Thank You, God, for saving me
Thank You, God, for saving me
The cross was meant for me

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