Posted by Aaron Chipp on 26 January 2018

I am 32 years old. I can still recite verbatim the theme song for COCO Wheats. It was a special treat my mom made for me when I was in elementary school. I haven't had the hot cereal in decades, but I’m singing the theme song now as I write. How? Because music is powerful. Music is spiritual. It has the power to help us remember, influence atmospheres, alter behavior, and open our spirits to a realm beyond what we can see. At its best, music is a vehicle that takes us to the feet of Jesus. At its worst, it drives us to a place Lucifer knew all too well; pride, idolatry, and rebellion. As Christians, it’s important to remember the power of music. It’s my hope that the following scriptural examples will remind you of the importance of music, how it affects our moods, and how it releases miracles. 


God loves music,He created it! Music originated in heaven and its originalintent was to glorify God. Ever since Satan was booted from the throne room, he has tried to pervert music to bring honor to himself.

Daniel 3:1-7

Under King Nebuchadnezzar’s decree to Babylon to worship the golden image, music was used as a tool to designate a time of worship to the image. People from all nations and languages knew it was time to bow down and worship when the sound of certain instruments were released.

Revelation 7:9-10

In the end, true worship will be restored. All nations, tribes, people, and tongues will sing in unity for all eternity. We will worship before the true and living God. With a loud voice we will cry, “Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne and to the Lamb!”



1 Samuel 16:14-23

David played the harp and the distressing spirit that tormented King Saul left. Even spirits of oppression and depression surrender to the presence of God through music. When we feel overwhelmed, it’s tempting to listen to music that identifies with our sorrow or condition.

However, breakthrough comes when we fill our spirit with anointed music that declares who God is and what He says about us and our situation.

2 Kings 3:15

In an atmosphere of panic, confusion, and annoyance, the prophet Elisha says, “Bring me a musician.” The musician played and the hand of the Lord came upon Elisha, giving him the ability to give the people a word from God. Worship helps us hear from God when we’re surrounded by chaos, fear, and uncertainty.

Matthew 26:30, Mark 14:26

Even Jesus sang. In the Gospels we see that Jesus led his disciples in a hymn (most historians and scholars believe it was some portion of Ps 114-118) after the last supper. The transition between fellowship and betrayal was worship. Worship helps us follow God’s will even in the hard places.



2 Chronicles 20:1-30

King Jehoshaphat and Judah sent the worship team into battle before the army because they believed the prophetic word that God would fight for them. As they sang, the Lord set ambushments against the enemy. If we believe we have victory in the battles we face, we will worship before we see the white flag of our enemy. As we worship, God is actively and strategically setting us up for victory. Our worship is a weapon.

Acts 16:16-34

Paul and Silas found themselves beaten and thrown in prison for preaching the gospel and casting out demons. Instead of complaining and turning against each other, they prayed and sang praises to God. Their feet were chained, but their hearts were not. As they sang, the power of God showed up, shook the prison, and loosed their bonds. They were able to share the gospel with the jailer of the prison and his entire household was saved. There are times when we feel trapped. Our circumstances may have us chained, but our voices don’t have to be.

When we praise God in the middle of difficulty, God shows up in supernatural ways and gives us the opportunity to be faithful witnesses to lead others to Him.

These are just a few examples from the Scriptures but I hope it encourages and reminds us that music is spiritual. When it’s surrendered in a posture of worship and paired with the word of God, it’s a force that all of hell can’t withstand.


Aaron Chipp is a husband, writer, and musician who desires to help people walk boldly in their God-given purpose. 

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