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So this is love (First in my heart)

Sung by Kelly Minter

SO THIS IS LOVE;it feels like war
To slay my gods by the sword
Making room for You to dwell
Here inside of me unrivalled
Though it cost me everything
Only You will be

First in my heart first in my mind
And in everything I long for in this life
First in my dreams first in my eyes
Before every other love that I desire

Settle in and You never mind
These trembling hands these teary eyes
Cause I never knew it would hurt so bad
To turn my back upon this golden calf
Let its memory fade away
Till You alone remain

So take these idols a million miles
From the allegiance of my soul
Still this hunger with Your wonder
Till only You will...only only only You will be

Kelly Minter

Written by: Kelly Minter

Copyright© 2007 Thankyou Music

CCLI Number: 5120303

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