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You Hold It All

Sung by Travis Ryan

From the highest of mountains
To the depths of the sea
From the planets in motion
To the breath that we breathe

From the womb of the barren
To the rich and the poor
To the dreams of the orphan
Every heartbeat is Yours

You hold it all
You hold it all
You hold it all
You hold it all

Every tribe, every nation
Every country and king
Every tongue, every language
Every song that we sing

It’s in the roar of the lion
It’s in the wind and the waves
It’s in the glory of sunrise
And the lives that You change

You stand alone in splendor
You reign in majesty
Your hands formed all creation
Your hands are holding me
You are my hope forever
You are the Sovereign King
You are my Friend and Savior
You are my everything

Do alto das montanhas,
Ao mais profundo mar,
Do mover dos planetas,
E no meu respirar.

Da madre esquecida,
Ao sonho de um orfão,
Geres cada batida
Do nosso coração.

Tu susténs tudo
Tu susténs tudo
Tu susténs tudo
Em Tuas mãos.

Toda a tribo e nação,
Todo o reino e rei,
Toda a língua em confissão,
Vai louvar-Te, eu sei.

No rugido do leão,
No vento e no mar,
Na glória do pôr do sol,
Nas vidas a mudar.

Só há em Ti esplendor,
Reinas em majestade,
És por tuas mãos Criador,
Em Tuas mãos estou na verdade.

Espero estar contigo,
Deus soberano e Rei,
Meu Salvador e amigo,
Em Ti me encontrei.

Fin dai monti più alti
Alle acque del mar
Dai pianeti in moto
A ogni alito in noi

Dalla sterile affranta
A chi mendica ancor
Chi non ha una famiglia
Ogni battito è tuo

Sostegno sei
Sostegno sei
Sostegno sei
Sostegno sei

Ogni lingua e nazione
Ogni popolo e re
Ogni razza del mondo
Tutto canta di Te

E' nel leone maestoso
Nel vento che soffia in ciel
Nel sole che sorge immenso
La vita che si offre a Te

Tu solo splendi immenso
Tu regni in maestà
Con le tue man possenti
Il mio sostegno sei
Tu sei la mia speranza
Tu Re Sovrano sei
Amico e Salvatore
Tu il mio tutto sei

Written by: Travis Ryan, Brandon Collins, Jordan Merritt

Copyright© 2015 Integrity Worship Music, Travis Ryan Music, Brandon Michael Collins Music, Melded Music, FairTrade Global Songs

CCLI Number: 7049007

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You Hold It All

Travis Ryan

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  • Appreciate your free downloads
    Problem is with tenor guitar plating singer songwriters ...they can reacher higher notes than your average untrained congregation ...so top E F etc are uncomfortable for mass singing ...can't believe 'You hold it all is pitched so high ' also any chance of on song format where we can automatically bracket chords for key change facility?

    Posted by wendy jackson, January 30, 2016 (2 years ago)

  • Another awesome song about an awesome God!

    Posted by Denise Steilberger, January 2, 2016 (2 years ago)

  • Thank you for the great song,You Hold It All by Travis Ryan

    Posted by mark whisenant, December 30, 2015 (2 years ago)

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