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God Of Glory

Sung by David Fellingham

God of glory, we exalt Your name,
You who reign in majesty.
We lift our hearts to You
And we will worship, praise and magnify
Your holy name.

In power resplendent
You reign in glory,
Eternal King, You reign forever.
Your word is mighty,
Releasing captives,
Your love is gracious,
You are my God.

Dieu de gloire, nous élevons ton nom,
Toi qui règnes en majesté.
Nous nous tournons vers toi,
Nous te louons, t'adorons,
Glorifions ton nom très saint. ,

Toi le Dieu puissant,
Tu règnes en gloire,
Éternel Roi,
Tu règnes à jamais.
Ta parole agit
Pour nous délivrer ;
Ton amour guérit,
Tu es mon Dieu. ,

Dduw’r gogoniant, molwn d’enw di,
Frenin nef a daear lawr.
Dyrchafwn glod i ti
Ac fe addolwn, molwn, d’enw di
Dyrchafu wnawn.

Mewn nerth yn ddisglair
Frenin tragwyddol,
Teyrnasu rwyt yn y gogoniant.
Dy air sy’n nerthol
Yn gollwng caethion.
Graslon dy gariad,
Ti yw fy Nuw.

Written by: David Fellingham

Copyright© 1982 Thankyou Music

CCLI Number: 39410

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God Of Glory

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God Of Glory

David Fellingham

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  • Yes, I agree. The difference between a hymn and some worship songs is not always easy to define but I would have thought this great song shows no particular characteristics of a hymn.

    Posted by David Stranks, January 27, 2017 (7 months ago)

  • What is your definition of a hymn? I'd define this as a vintage classic worship song. To me a hymn has multiple verses, using the same tune and metre. I'm feeling bemused!

    Posted by Sarah Lay, January 26, 2017 (7 months ago)

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