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Hope Of The Cross

Sung by All About Worship (feat. Benji Cowart & Krissy Nordhoff)

We used to wander alone and unloved
Searching for purpose
Where there was none
But now You’ve crowned us heirs and sons
This is the hope of the cross
We used to carry the weight of the law
Hoping our good would
Outnumber the wrong
But grace has thrown that burden off
This is the hope of the cross
One life given for us
Mercy poured out from 
Tthe depths of His scars
One love conquering all
This is the hope of the cross
We used to tremble fearing our deaths
Counting the days
on the earth we had left
But now we walk in fearlessness
This is the hope of the cross
O, death, where is your sting
Jesus has taken all you can bring
It is finished and done
This is the hope of the cross
We no longer wander
We’re claimed by His blood
We know we are loved now
The cross says how much

Written by: Krissy Nordhoff, Lincoln Davis, Benji Cowart

Copyright© 2016 Integrity's Alleluia! Music, Nordinary Music, Head To The Heart Publishing, Farren Love & War, Word Music, LLC, Howiecowie Publishing

CCLI Number: 7058239

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Hope Of The Cross

All About Worship (feat. Benji Cowart & Krissy Nordhoff)

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  • On the chord chart and sheet music, I believe the chords for the chorus don't match what is being played on the .mp3

    Posted by Anthony Sharp, March 28, 2017 (28 days ago)

  • Please explain: [1. v.3 - 2.3. c.2]

    Posted by J Ferrell, March 28, 2017 (28 days ago)

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