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Sung by LIFE Worship

Out of the wild and over the walls
Into a place where grace covers all
Harbour my soul through battle and war
Steadfast You hold I'm safe in Your walls

You are my fortress
No fear can hold us
Safe in Your presence
You are my fortress

Out of the wild and over the walls
Into a place where grace covers all

Here I will rest my head
Here I find shelter
Here all my fear and doubt
Will know love is greater
You are my resting place
You are my shelter
You buried death and shame
Where love is greater

Oltre la selva e oltre le mura
Nel luogo che la grazia ricopre
L'anima porto tra lotte e guerra
Sicuro sto qui nelle Tue mura

Sei mia fortezza
Non ho paura
Qui in Tua presenza
Sei mia fortezza

Oltre la selva e oltre le mura
Nel luogo che la grazia ricopre

Qui io riposerò
Qui c'è riparo
Qui tutto il dubbio in me
L'amore conoscerà
Sei il mio ristoro Tu
Sei il mio rifugio
Vergogna e morte, si
L'amor dissolve

Written by: Dominik Laim, Ryan Carins, Sem Schaap

Copyright© 2016 Integrity Worship Music/Integrity's Praise! Music & Life Worship & ICF Music

CCLI Number: 7054756

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LIFE Worship

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  • Fantastic...great song! Just returned from a wonderful week of praise and worship at Keswick Convention but been laid low with a nasty virus since weekend...your song is just what I needed.

    Posted by Judith Shadbolt, August 3, 2016 (12 months ago)

  • This is a really good site for worship resources - great songs, sound teaching and readily available downloads!

    Posted by Derek Nelson-Wills, July 30, 2016 (12 months ago)

  • i so appreciate the free songs of the week..these songs go right away on my playlist.

    God bless you weareworship team

    Posted by stella bhagwat, July 30, 2016 (12 months ago)

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