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You Are Love And Love Alone

Sung by All Sons & Daughters

God and Father, great and holy
Fearing not, we come to Thee
Fearing not, though weak lowly
For Your love has set us free

By the blue sky bending over
By the green earth’s flowery home
Teach us Lord the angel chorus
You are Love and love alone!

You are Love and love alone
You are Love and love alone
You are Love and love alone
You are, Lord

Though the worlds in flame should perish
Sun and stars in ruin fall
Trust in Thee our hearts should cherish
Oh Lord be our all in all

With Your name the heavens praising
Angels hymn no sweeter tone
Than the songs our hearts are raising
You are Love and love alone

How perfectly
Our hearts are made for love

Dio e Padre, grande e santo
Sicuri, veniamo a Te
Sicuri, in debolezza
Il Tuo amor ci liberò

Per il cielo che si inchina
Per la casa della terra
Sento gli angeli cantare
Sei amore e solo amor!

Sei amore e solo amor
Sei amore e solo amor
Sei amore e solo amor
Tu sei

Se il mondo ardesse in fiamme
E cadesse tutto il cielo
Crederei con maggior forza
Oh Signor, mio tutto Sei

Il Tuo nome loda il cielo
Si ode l’inno di angeli
Innalziamo il nostro canto
Sei amore e solo amor!

Tu creasti il
Cuore per amar

Written by: David Leonard, Leslie Jordan

Copyright© 2016 Integrity's Praise! Music & Integrity's Alleluia! Music

CCLI Number: 7062632

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You Are Love And Love Alone

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You Are Love And Love Alone

All Sons & Daughters

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  • There is a reason why, at the end of a life of devotion to his Master and friend, John wrote his letter, 1 John. His lifetime's accumulated experience and wisdom is given there. I urge you to read chapter 4. He states, within it, that God is love, because Love, which contains and subsumes all His other attributes, is the highest and fullest expression of the divine nature. The same insight lies behind 1 Corinthians 13. On our journey, we start with simple issues of right and wrong, but the journey of being made into the likeness of the Son is a journey into Love. We have a lot of learning and growing to do on the way. Wisdom may appear to be simple, but that may be because there are depths we haven't yet fathomed.

    Posted by Tim Kingsbury, October 23, 2016 (10 months ago)

  • Totally agree with you Samuel. And in fact, I think it can almost be dangerous to say that God is love alone as this seems to be the basis for a lot of error; e.g. universalism, arguments against penal substitutionary atonment, etc. God definitely is love, but He isn't *only* love.

    Posted by Richard Jensen, September 16, 2016 (11 months ago)

  • It seems to me to be a mistake to think that all worship songs should be songs for congregations to be able to sing. I love the spirit, melody, content and heart behind this song. It is entirely consistent with what I can see (from my very limited perspective) of the way the Spirit of God is at work in our world currently, in revealing the Father Heart of God towards us, and this song is a beautiful response to that. David Leonard and Leslie Jordan have made very clear the journey they were on in creating this album, and this song expresses that journey and is a beautiful song to enable others to encounter God's heart of love for us. That, to me, enables me to respond in true worship, so I thank them for this song. Blessings!

    Posted by Tim Kingsbury, September 11, 2016 (11 months ago)

  • I love this song. It's a very intimate, personal love song, capturing exactly the way my heart relates to God's. How does it do that? The pace, the melody, the way the chords often linger away from the home chord, the poetry of the lyrics and the well-chosen metaphors used - all combine beautifully to achieve this. It should appeal to all whose hearts burn with hunger and desire for God.

    Posted by Andrew Greenall, September 10, 2016 (11 months ago)

  • It seems unfortunate that the third verse is ungrammatical.
    The fourth seems to be in contradiction with the book of Revelation, which contains plenty of angel choruses none of which say that God is love and love alone, but do praise the holiness of God and worship the Lamb who was slain and has redeemed us. Surely these are the sweetest hymns of all, that God has given to His angels as the music of heaven.
    Theologically, I would suggest that the Scriptures say that God is love; but it is inaccurate theology to say He is love alone, for He is also light, He is the great I AM, and thus there are many more facets to His character than His love.
    Altogether, I don't think this song will stand the test of time (a good litmus test for any worship song, although this is only retrospective), and I think that congregations would do better to focus on other songs.

    Posted by Samuel Reese, September 3, 2016 (12 months ago)

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