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Oh Blessed

Sung by Stu Garrard feat. Anthony Skinner

Oh Blessed
Oh Blessed
Oh Blessed

If you're a giver not a taker
Walk the earth as a peacemaker
Oh blessed, oh blessed
When you feel at your weakest
Still you keep your heart open
Oh blessed, oh blessed, oh blesed 

And you forgive when you are hurt
share your food, give your shirt
oh blessed, oh blessed
And you keep your heart pure
Even when you're unsure
Oh blessed, oh blessed

And the words from the hill
Are speaking still
And they save me over and again
oh blessed, oh blessed
oh blessed, oh blessed

The mercy you give away
It comes back to stay
Oh blessed, oh blessed
If you ache for what’s right
You will be satisfied
Oh blessed, oh blessed, oh blessed

If you let yourself mourn
Your comfort will come
Oh blessed, oh blessed
If you’ve lost everything
Then the earth shall be yours
Oh blessed, oh blessed
Oh blessed, oh blessed

Written by: Stu G, Anthony Skinner

Copyright© 2016 Integrity's Alleluia! Music, Stugiology Music, Dirt Movin Music

CCLI Number: 7075443

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Oh Blessed

Stu Garrard feat. Anthony Skinner

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  • Arthur Davis,
    I just figured out how to get the chords for free. You simply create an account. Then you can download the chords.

    Posted by David Nash, March 1, 2017 (6 months ago)

  • "Free song of the week" but no charts or MP3 posted. OK, what exactly is "Free" than? Love the words by the way!

    Posted by Arthur Davis, February 18, 2017 (6 months ago)

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