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As It Is In Heaven (feat. James Galbraith)

Sung by We Are The Roar

There's a place that we're made for
Just beyond what we have known
In a relm still yet unseen, still yet unseen
There's a place where all is right
There's no more darkness, only light
The things of Earth grow strangely dim
Strangely dim 

On the earth as it is in heaven
Let it be here with us right now
Where your Word is fulfilled and your glory's revealed
Let it be here with us right now

There's a place where sickness bows
Hope's restored and joy abounds
With shouts of praise the only sound
The only sound

We have his confidence
Though we don't see it yet
Your kingdom will be fully known
With hope we'll watch and pray
Waiting the coming day
But here and now before your throne

Written by: Michael Farren, James Galbraith, Alisa Turner

Copyright© 2017 Integrity's Alleluia! Music, Corey Michael Music, Farren Love & War, Integrity's Praise! Music, Gordon Road Music, Rain Collective Music

CCLI Number: 7082574

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