Angels From The Realms Of Glory

Angels From The Realms Of Glory

Paul Baloche

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Angels are not fairies with glittering trains made of moonbeams, nor are they re-created humans flying to and fro doing CPR on broken people. No.  Angels are simply messengers (the word "angel" literally means "messenger"). So why is it that, in 2015, many people have chosen to worship angels while refusing to worship the God they serve? How strange is that? 

Human beings are ecstatic at the rumor of an angelic appearance, but are disinterested in the greater truth they represent. It's as if we swoon with joy when the mailman walks up to our front door, but are completely disinterested in the letter he is carrying. We stare at the mailman in wonder, but throw the letter away.  

Such is not the order of things in the Heavenly realm. Angels are simply servants of the Most High God, and their radiance comes from having stood in His Presence. They are speakers of His Word, doers of His Will and singers of His Song. And unlike mankind, they do not have to choose daily whether or not to serve Him. The angels who long ago chose God are now sealed in His service.  

But it is not so with us. The glorious freedom of the children of God includes a wonderful and terrible gift: free will. And free will rises in us every day, just like the sun rises on the horizon. We daily choose to walk in His light, or to walk in darkness. We daily choose to obey His Word, or to obey the world. We daily choose to worship the Creator, or to worship His creation. 

Angels are just one small part of His glorious creation, and when they sang that night in the skies over Bethlehem, they had one message and one message only: "Come and Worship." Were they pointing to the mind-blowing celestial event?" No. They were pointing to the Christ. Emmanuel. God with us. No matter how glorious the angelic harmonies on that holy night, no matter how magnificent the moment, these messengers were simply saying, "Don't look at us. Look at HIM." 

And that is what they are still saying today, to every human who has ears to hear: "Don't look at us. Look at HIM."

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