Saving Grace

Written by: Neil Bennetts, Eoghan Heaslip

© 2009 Trinity Publishing\Thankyou Music | CCLI: 5600380

Of our redeemer
We sing the song of love's true reign
That's found in Jesus

Be exalted O God
On the praises that we bring
Let every heart now come and worship

Praise, praise, praise lift Your hands to heaven
For His love has rescued us
From the shadow of the grave
Praise, praise, praise To our God forever
For the glory of His name
We sing the song of saving grace

Your hope in us it shines the way
You bring us freedom
For all our sin and all our shame
You have forgiven

Love stronger than death has lifted our heads
And we find peace in the presence of God
Love higher than mountains
Still is the reason we sing
The reason we love You

Neil Bennetts & Eoghan Healsip

© 2009 Trinity Publishing\Thankyou Music