Written by: Andrew Mitchell

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Awakening As sung by: Andrew Mitchell

Writers: Andrew Mitchell

Original Key: A

Verse 1:
The Lord our God is searching
Far across the land
He's looking for the faithful,
a remnant who will stand.
His word of truth anointed,

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THE LORD OUR GOD IS SEARCHING far across the land
He's looking for the faithful a remnant who will stand
His word of truth anointed that from their mouths impart
The mighty power of Jesus' name to every human heart

He's looking for the faithful the sons and heirs of grace
To stand upon the mountains and call to every race
And to lead His people onward into His courts of praise
Full of wonder full of worship full of faith

Come on and sing sing to the Lord
A mighty awakening is all that we want
We rise up in faith and cry out for more
Send down a flood revive us again - awaken us Lord

Could you be a diskiple a bearer of the cross
Steeped within the blood of Christ a lover of the lost
So be ready for the journey and run towards the goal
Full of wonder full of worship full of hope

Andrew Mitchell

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