When I see (Shine Your Light)

Written by: Caroline Bonnett, Ian Hannah, Andrew Rogers

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WHEN I SEE the morning sunrise,
How it peels away the night,
It reminds me of creation,
When You said: 'Let there be light.'
When I see this generation,
Broken hearted, blind and chained,
People searching for the answers:
Would You shine Your light again?

Shine Your light in the darkness,
Shine Your light onto pain,
Shine Your light on injustice,
All oppression, guilt and shame.
Shine Your light on indifference,
Birth a passion for Your name,
Shine Your light in the nations,
That the world may know Your fame:
Shine Your light, shine Your light,
Shine Your light.

I am standing on Your promise,
And my hope is not in vain;
Would You show Your glory through me,
Would You shine Your light again?

Ian Hannah, Andy Rogers & Caroline Bonnett

Copyright © 2003 Thankyou Music