Written by: Al Gordon

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Glorious As sung by: Al Gordon

Writers: Al Gordon

Original Key: D

Bm   Gsus2  D(no3rd)  Dmaj7(no3rd)   Bm   Gsus2  D(no3rd)  Asus4  A
Verse 1:
The King of glory, King of light
  Gsus2      Bm  A
I see You, I see You.
Shining in the face of Christ
 Gsus2     Bm   A

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KING OF GLORY, King of Light
I see you, I see you
Shining in the face of Christ
Your beauty illuminates with
Brilliance brighter than the sun

You are the One I love
You're glorious, glorious
You have won my heart
You're glorious, glorious

Face to face, my life; unveiled
I worship, I worship you
You're my everlasting light
Your glory captivates with
Brilliance brighter than the; sun

And I won't turn my eyes away
No, I won't turn my eyes away

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