Child Of The King

Written by: Stuart Townend, Terry Virgo

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Has set me free, Lord.
I'm seeking Your face;
I feel Your pleasure,
Your joy in the ones
You have chosen by name.
You've lifted my burdens
And cast off my shame.

Feeling Your touch
Gives me such peace, Lord.
I love You so much,
I know You'll lead me.
Wherever I go I'll be under Your wing,
For I am a child of the King.

You will finish the work You've begun in me,
I'm adopted, a son in Your family!
You've drawn me with kindness and love
Into this holy place.

What can I say?
Your lavish mercy
Turned night into day -
My guilt has gone now.
Forever I'll stand in Your presence and sing,
For I am a child of the King.

Terry Virgo & Stuart Townend

Copyright © 2001 Thankyou Music

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