I Want To Be Holy

Written by: Paul Oakley, Alan Rose

© 1997 Thankyou Music | CCLI: 2295949

I want to be righteous,
I want to live my life the way You want me to.
I want to be blameless,
Not walking in darkness,
I want to be a living sacrifice to You.

I'm gonna run the race,
I'm gonna run to win,
Throw off everything that hinders me.
I'm gonna fix my eyes upon the King,
And leave my sin behind.
I want to be so much better,
I want to be more like You.
Keep taking me further and deeper,
I want to right the wrong,
I want to live this song,
Now I'm pressing on,
I'm gonna leave my sin behind.

Singing, 'goodbye rage, goodbye hate,
Goodbye anger, goodbye malice,
Goodbye bitterness and slander,
Goodbye fear of man!'

Paul Oakley & Alan Rose

© 1997 Thankyou Music