We Rejoice

Written by: Evan Rogers

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WE REJOICE because You came from heaven to earth
Laying down Your majesty in humble birth
We rejoice because You have so loved the world
You are Christ, Emmanuel

We rejoice because You lived a perfect life
With our frailty You have identified
We rejoice because you came to make us whole
You're the shepherd of our souls

Siyavuya kuwe, Siyavuya kuwe;
Ladies: siyavuya,siyavuya (x2)
(We rejoice in You, We rejoice in You)
Siyavuya kuwe;
Ladies: siyavuya,siyavuya (x2);
(We rejoice in You)
Jesu Akekho fan' nawe;
Ladies: akekho an'nawe
(Jesus there is none like You)

We are humbled that Your life led to the cross
There You gave Yourself, a sacrifice for us
We are humbled at; the way You suffered pain
Lamb of God for sinners slain
I rejoice because You have forgiven my sin
You received The father's wrath - my punishment
I rejoice because of Your amazing grace
Now I'm free from guilt and shame

We rejoice because You broke the curse of death
Now we live in hope, sure of eternal rest
We rejoice because You've made our home in heaven
Where we'll worship You forever

We rejoice because you sit at God's right hand
And before Your throne we're lifting up Your name
We'll rejoice when every tribe & tongue proclaims
"Jesus is the Lord who reigns"

Evan Rogers

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