What More

Written by: Evan Rogers

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As far as the east is from west
So far have my sins been removed
You've paid my unpayable debt
Forgiven I stand before You

I'm Justified because You died
And shed Your blood for all my sin
Your sacrifice was the price
That has bought my redemption

What more is there to dance about
What more is there to shout about
What more than your unfailing love
What more can we rejoice about
What more can we be glad about
Your love is better than life

You beat the unbeatable grave
You've done what no other could do
By Your power I will be raised
And seated in glory with You

You give me life I'll never die
You have become my salvation
I'm made alive for I'm in Christ
Now there's no condemnation

We Dance we dance we dance because of Your great love
We shout we shout we shout about Your love

Evan Rogers

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