You Reign Supreme

Written by: Evan Rogers

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You're the first and You're the last
Everything is at Your command
You are immortal, invisible
The King eternal the only wise God

You've got everything at Your feet
You have crushed the enemy
You are the mighty conqueror
Strong deliverer
To You we'll bow our knees

You reign supreme
You are the Lord, the King of Kings
You reign supreme
Above all powers and authorities
You reign supreme
Over all created things,;
You reign supreme
Lord You reign over me

Jesus You will own all praise
No one else can share Your fame
You are highly exalted, glorious, victorious
The name above all names

You've got my whole life in Your hands
All my dreams and all my plans
You're my righteous redeemer
Sovereign Savior
In my heart You will reign

You rule You rule and You reign (repeat)

Evan Rogers

Copyright © 2006 Thankyou Music