I've been justified (Justified)

Written by: Simon Brading

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I've been justified (Justified) As sung by: Simon Brading

Writers: Simon Brading

Original Key: D

Verse 1:
Bm        Bm/B♭      Bm/A          E7/G♯
I've been justified, reconciled to God.
Em7      Bm                Gmaj7             F♯sus4   F♯
From the death I died, I'm raised to life in You.
Bm        Bm/B♭       Bm/A        E7/G♯
I'm being sanctified, purified within,
G       D               F♯sus4    F♯
  I'm standing on these truths.

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I'VE BEEN JUSTIFIED, reconciled to God
From the death I died, I'm raised to life in You
I'm being sanctified, purified within
I'm standing on these truths

I will sing of the love of Calvary!
A song from deep within to thank You
I will sing of Your blood that flowed for me
Now all I have within is Yours

You were crucified, laid inside a tomb
Through Your sacrifice, my freedom's in Your wounds
Now You're glorified, raised to life by God
I'm standing on these truths

Simon Brading

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