God Our Help

Written by: Chris Bowater

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GOD OUR HELP in ages past,
God the hope for years to come.
God our joy and only strength
From day to day.

God our shelter, safe secure,
God of glory, light so pure.
Be the vision, be the goal,
Be the song forever sung.

O my soul, bless the Lord.
O my soul, bless the Lord.
O my soul, bless the Lord
Our God.

We celebrate the God Who was,
And we love the God Who is.
And we trust Eternal God
Who is to come.

Age to age You never change.
Faithful, strong and true remain.
Changeless One, constant love,
Fearful, Holy Living God.

Rock that stands the test of time,
I am His and He is mine.

Chris Bowater

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