Justice Be My Light

Written by: Claire Hamilton, Johnny Parks

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Justice Be My Light As sung by: Johnny Parks

Original Key: D

 G2          Asus2add4        D6
Awake, my God,       and move,
 Bm7          G2        Em7add4
Let  mercy flood my heart.
 G2            Asus2add4           D6
Awake and speak         Your truth;
 Bm7         G2        Em7add4
Let justice be my light.
           Bm7      G2

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Let mercy flood my heart
Awake and speak your truth
Let justice be my light

We will love mercy
We will act justly
We will walk humbly before you Lord x2

Let Jesus be my light
Let justice be my light
Let Jesus be my light

Johnny Parks and Claire Hamilton

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