Rhythm Of Fire

Written by: Terl Bryant, Tim Hughes

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Rhythm Of Fire As sung by: Terl Bryant / Tim Hughes

Original Key: C

Verse 1:
  There's a fire that rages
All across the land.
                          Am   Amsus2  Am  Amsus2  Am
Tongues of fire falling down.
  All who see are humbled;
Reverently they bow,
Filled with faith receiving power.

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All across the land
Tongues of fire falling down
All who see are humbled
Reverently they bow
Filled with faith receiving power

Rhythms of fire
Rhythms of fire
Rhythms of fire
Falling down

Can you see the fire?
Feel the healing flames?
Your Kingdom come, Your will done
Overwhelming, all consuming
Nothing can withstand the place
The final victory's come through your flames

Terl Bryant & Tim Hughes

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