God Only Wise

Written by: Brenton Brown, Eoghan Heaslip, Nick Herbert

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God Only Wise As sung by: Eoghan Heaslip

Original Key: C

Verse 1:
Csus2    C     Csus4
God only wise,
   Csus2    C          Csus4
We open our hearts and turn to You.
   Csus2       C     Csus4
We lift up our eyes,
    Csus2       C      Csus4
And all that we are we offer You.

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We open our hearts and turn to you
We lift up our eyes,
And all that we are we offer you

You're the Lord of space and time
And everything you do brings life,
You bring life

Take every hope and longing God
Take all our joy and pain
Use us to bless this broken world
Use us to bring you praise
All that we have we give You now
All that we are is Yours alone
Teach us to trust you with our lives
God only wise

God only wise
Who else can guide so faithfully?
Sovereign and kind
You see beyond what we can see

Brenton Brown, Nick Herbert & Eoghan Heaslip

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